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Ski resort
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Livewire74
Tagging: leisure=ski_resort
Applies to: area
Definition: area used for a ski resort (see related proposed features



Currently, more and more ski resorts are providing GPS maps of their snow garden or commercial sites are doing it for them
It could be very useful for people to find First Aid or their path...

Applies to


Related to



An area filled with white snow crystal on a light blue background : Ski resort.png (blue has to be enlighted as much as possible) or a simple white filled area.


Tag Description
leisure=ski_resort Generic tag for a ski resort.
name= Name of the ski resort.
url= URL of the ski resort web site.
surface_area= Surface area (kilometers square).
vertical_drop= Vertical drop of the resort (meters).
lowest_base= Elevation (meters) of the lowest base of the resort.
highest_summit= Elevation (meters) of the highest summit of the resort.
lowest_lift= Elevation (meters) of the lowest lift of the resort.
highest_lift= Elevation (meters) of the highest lift of the resort.
chair_lifts= number of chair lifts in the resort.
plate_lifts= number of platelifts in the resort.
gondolas= number of gondolas in the resort.
winter_activities= winter activites practiced of the resort.
slopes= number of downhill slopes in the resort.
green_slopes= number of green slopes in the resort.
blue_slopes= number of blue slopes in the resort.
red_slopes= number of red slopes in the resort.
black_slopes= number of black slopes in the resort.
trails= number of cross-country trails in of the resort.
green_trails= number of green trails in of the resort.
blue_trails= number of blue trails in of the resort.
red_trails= number of red trails in of the resort.
black_trails= number of black trails in of the resort.
snowshoeing_paths= Total length of snowshoeing paths (kilometers) of the resort.


<tag k="leisure" v="ski_resort"/>
<tag k="name" v="Chamrousse">
<tag k="url" v="">
<tag k="surface_area" v="">
<tag k="vertical_drop" v="550">
<tag k="lowest_base" v="1650">
<tag k="highest_summit" v="2300"> 
<tag k="lowest_lift" v="1420>
<tag k="highest_lift" v="2250">
<tag k="chair_lifts" v="9">
<tag k="plates_lifts" v="16">
<tag k="gondolas" v="0">
<tag k="winter_activities" v="downhill">
<tag k="winter_activities" v="cross-country">
<tag k="winter_activities" v="snowshoeing">
<tag k="downhill_slopes" v="35">
<tag k="green_slopes" v="6">
<tag k="blue_slopes" v="15">
<tag k="red_slopes" v="7">
<tag k="black_slopes" v="7">
<tag k="cross-country_trails" v="9">
<tag k="green_trails" v="4">
<tag k="blue_trails" v="1">
<tag k="red_trails" v="3">
<tag k="black_trails" v="1">
<tag k="snowshoeing_paths" v="40">

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Related tags

Some tags could be useful to keep in order to be use for further functionalities or with external links...
It seems to be important to be discussed.

Relationship between ski related objects

There's a conflict with Non physical:Sport:skiing: "Ski resort" is a place for both tourism and sports. So it has to be decided if "Ski resort" has to replace Non physical:Sport:skiing and if it has to referenced by Non physical:Sport or by Physical:Tourism.
Maybe "Ski resort" can include :

  • Some different sport areas (ski/snowboard, cross-country, snow-shoeing, snowboard only, kids garden, free style...) or buildingss related to the pratice of ski (Non physical:Sport:skiing) or other snow sports (like ice-skating, ice-hockey, ski jumping...); maybe other sport buildings (like swimming pool,...)
  • Tourism areas or buildings (like hotels, restaurants, bars, ski shops...)
  • Previous areas could belongs to a base of the ski resort or to one of its summit

It seems to be important to be discussed.

Related objects dispatching

Maybe some objects can be associated to other categories (eg. "ski area" in "Sport" feature instead of "ski resort" one).
It seems to be important to be discussed.

Aerial ways extensions

It could be useful to overload this objects to :

  • Indicate for "chair" and "drag" lifts the entering and exiting queue side...
  • Indicate for "chair" and "drag" lifts the number of person lifted per hour
  • Indicate for "chair" and "drag" lifts and "gondolas" their elevation profiles with the elevation of each nodes of their related linear primitives
  • Indicate for "chair" and "drag" lifts and "gondolas" their vertical drop, highest and lowest elevation with the elevation of each nodes of their related linear primitives
  • Indicate for "chair" lifts the number of "chairs" provided
  • Indicate for "gondolas" the number of person carried
  • ...

It seems to be important to be discussed.


Shouldn't it be merged with/into WikiProject Piste Maps ?

It's a good idea to coordinate this work with this project. --Andy 13:27, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

Is it really needed to have the number of slopes, pistes, and tracks counted int this tag. We may solve this with the is_in tag to assign the lifts, slopes etc. to the ressort? --Andy 13:27, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

This proposal seems to largely duplicate Piste Maps, and the way it is split across several pages makes it hard to take in. This seems to just provide a lot of statistics about a resort, and very little with actual mapping. It adds many new tags, to very little benefit: *_slopes, *_trails, *_lift, *_lifts. The values are not well-thought-out (colors of routes). Several of the tags are not useful (surface_area can be calculated, lowest_base, highest_summit can be marked as nodes; vertical_drop can be calculated from those two, lift elevations should be directly on the lifts. Difficulty ratings are not internationally correct. It suggests using the same key multiple times, which is not possible in current editors. --Hawke 22:59, 28 January 2008 (UTC)


Not for the moment.


Not for the moment.