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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Essex Boy
Tagging: parking_restriction=yes/no
Drafted on: 2016-01-06
RFC start: 2016-01-07


In order to identify street parking restrictions on road geometry lines I am proposing that this feature be supported by OpenStreetMap. This proposal would provide the following parking restriction attributes to road line geometry:

- Whether a parking restriction is in place on a particular road element: yes/no.

- Particular time domain restrictions on that road element.

- Type of restriction in place: Fee, Local Parking Card, No Parking Allowed.

- Whether there is a no return time restriction in force.


The rationale behind this feature is that when route planning to a destination it is quite common for end users to want to navigate to the nearest parking space that is free of any monetary costs- often street parking. Having this feature in OSM would allow users to select either free street parking or to at least be navigated to the nearest free parking space to their destination. It is also useful to have if an end user is unsure whether parking on a particular street is allowed. In some countries where residential permits are required, there are not always obvious street signs indicating this is the case.


Image Primary tag Secondary tags Tertiary tags Description
Red route in Great Eastern Street, EC1 - - 1112124.jpg parking_restriction:yes N/A N/A This image depicts a 'Red Route' in London, UK in which there is no parking allowed at any time or for any reason.
Red-Route-Free-Time-Limited-Parking-Sign.jpg parking_restriction:yes parking_restriction_time:(Mo-Sa 07:00-19:00) @20 no_return: 40 'Red Route' in London, UK with time domain restrictions and a no return restriction.
Hammersmith & Fulham roadside parking restriction notice.jpg parking restriction:yes parking_restriction_time: (Mo-Fr 09:00-20:00) @permit; parking_restriction_time: (Mo-Fr 09:00-18:30) @fee; parking_restriction_time: (Sa 09:00-16:00) @permit; parking_restriction_time: (Sa 09:00-18:30) @fee N/A This example includes a mixture of time domains, fees and permits. I have not included what permit letter ('F' in this case) should be used as I want to keep the tagging system as generic as possible.



parking_restriction_time=[allow time restriction information (see or the number of minutes allowed for parking upon arrival.]

parking_fee=[cost per hour in local currency]

parking_type=[fee, permit]

no_return=[number of minutes]

Applies to

This feature is intended to be used only for road link line geometry.


This feature need not be rendered on the map- it's an attribute of the road line geometry used for the navigation routing engine only.


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