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Mapping routes of aircraft
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: MeastroGlanz
Tagging: route=aircraft
Applies to: type
Definition: maps a route of an aircraft. Shall contain ele=elevation information.
Drafted on: 2017-05-23


There is already a mapping technique for ferries. There is no apparent reason why there shouldnt be the same or a similar system for airplanes and helicopters. This has been mentioned in Public_transport. Though it is discouraged to map air routes in OSM (see Aeroways), I think it should be done.


In my opinion sooner or later mappers will start adding aircraft-routes to the map. The arguments given in Aeroways#Routes are legit, but it is not the task of the OSM-Wiki to prevent users from doing stupid stuff. Every person who has a pilot license should know, that the OSM-data is not suitable for flying application, but just for information (like which connections exist).


I don't know how many flight routes are suitable for this kind of mapping, but especially in places like Oceania they are important to map, since they replace buses and trains there (between the isles).


for ways

for relations

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ways and relations


like ferries, but only on special maps like the www.ö

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