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Trade school
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: KTyler
Tagging: amenity=trade_school
Applies to: node
Definition: A post-secondary, often private for-profit, training center for a specific trade.

Rendered as: Free text and/or picture e.g. grad cap, or generic skilled-trade symbols
Draft started: 2012-05-18
RFC start: 2012-05-18


A trade school is a post-secondary school that provides practicable training for an industry or skill. Typically targeted at those who do not plan to attend tertiary education (aka university), although like Wikipedia:Community college, sometimes leads to it. Usually a much shorter matriculation period (1-2 years). NOT a degree-granting instiution (e.g. JD or MD etc.); or no more than Associate's (no Bachelor's). Often grants "certificates". Sometimes these certificates have legal weight in certain jurisdictions (i.e. required to practice the trade)


A trade school is separate from a degree-granting institution and is separate from required schooling and is generally not provided as a government service or for free.

Some trade schools offer associate's degree or certificate programs, but no bachelor's or higher programs.

Post-tertiary schools, in which you receive degrees beyond bachelor's (i.e. masters or doctorate) -- e.g. medical school, law school, MBA business school -- are specifically not trade schools.

Trade schools are post-secondary, but not generally considered tertiary education.

See also Wikipedia:Vocational school, and particularly Wikipedia:Vocational education in the United States.


  • DeVry
  • ITT
  • Beautician school (e.g. Gene Juarez)
    • Required for certification in some places to legally work as a hairdresser/stylist
  • Modeling school (e.g Barbizon)
  • Barber school
  • Paralegal school (e.g. Fremont College)
  • Acting school
  • Tractor trailer (aka semi/lorry) driving school
    • Required in many places for "CDL" endorsement on driving license, making driver legal to drive such vehicles


  • amenity=trade_school

Possibly also:

  • trade=<trade name>
  • branch=*
  • accredited=yes/no/accreditor
  • licensed=yes/no
  • operator=*

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