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Trail riding station
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Nop
Tagging: tourism=trail_riding_station
Applies to: node
Definition: definition=A trail riding station offering accomodation for both riders and horses.
Drafted on: 2008-12-30
RFC start: 2008-12-30
Vote start: *
Vote end: *
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Public-images-osm logo.svg tourism = trail_riding_station
Willow Prairie Horse Camp, Rogue River NF, Oregon.jpg
Overnight accommodation for traveling horse parties, similar to a mountain guest hut. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Tourism
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Status: proposed


Define a tag for way stations that have a stable with room for guest horses as well as some type of accomodation for riders.


When travelling long distances on horseback, you require overnight accomodation for horses and riders. This is provided by specialized trail riding stations. Typically they can provide room for guest horses in boxes or paddocks and some rather basic accomodations for the riders. They are just as important for route planning as motels for a car driver or campgrounds for a camper. Therefore they should be added to the map database so they can be rendered in a special interest map for riders. As hotels and campgrounds are in the tourist category, so is a trail riding station.

A trail riding station is considerably different from stables that offer lessons or rental horses (sport=equestrian or leisure=horse_riding). Usually stations are part of a stable (and should be tagged with both tags), but most stables do not offer any accomodations for external horses.

This proposal does not intend to add more detailed information like the nature or number of accomodations. This information may be subject to frequent change and availability will always have to be clarified by a phone call or advance visit before staying at a trail riding station.



Usually in conjunction with a name tag and some contact information.



Applies to



No rendering on street maps.

On special interest maps for trail riding, a horse or horse's head under a symbolic roof.


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