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Type of goods
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Corsa5
Applies to:
Definition: Type of goods in shops.
Drafted on: 2018-04-06

I propose to enter a key to indicate the item sold in the POI. It can belong to any category, not just shops

It can be "sale", "trade", " market". The value of the key is 1-3 characters (for example, c3b, f2), where the first letter is followed by a number, then the letter again. Or you can do the opposite-number, letter, number

The addition of the goods occurs by enumeration,

Table (draft)

1 1:comment 2 2:comment 3 3:comment
a shop (global) 1 only point of delivery
1 shop-kiosk
2 single shop without clarification (analog shop=yes)
3 small trading centre (<50 shops)
4 big trading centre, mall (>=50 shops)
b products, alcohol, tobacco 0 all
1 meat, chicken, birds (including canned food)
2 seafood (including canned food)
3 vegetables, fruits (including canned food)
4 cereals, pasta
5 alcohol
6 candy, sweets, biscuits
7 baking, bread
c vehicle dealer (showroom) 0 all
1 car dealer a cars
b hgv
2 moto, atx dealer a moto
b atx
3 boats
4 mobile houses a trucks
b trailers
5 work vehicle a tractors
d vehicle parts 0 all
1 tyres (retail only)
2 car paints (retail only)
3 oil (retail only)
4 exterior
5 interior
6 engine and exhaust parts
7 parts for chassis
8 autolightning, neon
9 electrical
10 autosound
11 signalization
e clothes, shoes 0 all
1 sports clothes a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
2 business clothing a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
3 casual clothing a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
4 military, hunting clothing a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
5 fashionable, designer clothes a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
6 work, specially clothing a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
7 wedding a for mens
b for womens
informal clothes a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
ethnic clothing a for mens
b for womens
c for boys
d for girls
8 furs
9 hats
10 shoes
11 second-hand
12 accessories
f household goods 0 all
1 lighting wall, ceiling
2 kitchen accessories
3 bath accessories
4 paintings
5 household chemicals
g furniture outdoor furniture
chairs, sofas, beds
h construction, repair all
paint, wallpaper, plaster
air conditioners, ventilation
i sporting goods all
ski, snowboard
hockey, skates
j electronics, appliances all
photo, videocameras, accessories
wearable electronics phones
watches, braslets
radiocomponents batteries
large home appliances
small home appliances
k pets all
toys, collars, kennels, aquariums, goods
l health products all
crutches, wheelchairs, dentures
devices for monitoring of health
m gifts, souvenirs all
photos, postcards,
n read and write all
press, magazine
o childen's goods all
p musical instruments all
q military all

Addition and deletion

To add offer one of these options: ;

For exceptions propose a -


  • sale = f;-f2;e1 - shop sells goods for the house (but it is precisely known that it does not sell accessories for kitchen), and also sportswear
  • sale = f0;-f2;e1 - shop sells all kinds of goods for the house except kitchen accessories, and sportswear