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UIC Reference
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: uic_ref=international station number
Applies to: node
Definition: reference number to link to railway timetables similar to IATA and ICAO codes
Rendered as: not for direct display


The uic_ref tag is used for railway stations. It is similar to the ICAO and IATA reference tag for airports. The UIC station reference always consists of 7 digits, beginning with a 2-digit UIC country code. Numbers of different length do not belong to the UIC system, they are used e.g. in the HAFAS system to identify bus stops.

How to Tag

just add the attribute uic_ref followed by the station number.


International relevance

UIC ids are used by railway operators to refer to railway stations in Europe.

NB: A UIC id can be a IBNR, but not every IBNR is an UIC id!

Samples of use in the wild, for unambiguous station identification (click on the station symbol Würzburg Hbf)

Operator departure table
Die Bahn Berlin with delays (german)

Helsinki (english, italian, spanish, french, dutch)

SNCB Berlin (english)
SBB CFF FFS Aachen (english)
DSB Kopenhagen (english)
  • Würzburg Hbf in the station database of Bayerntakt (contains detail information about railway stations in Bavaria)

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