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Way Condition
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: way_condition=vgood/good/bad/vbad
Rendered as: different color for very bad

Way condition is important in some cases. While not very useful for map drawing, it can be used for routing purposes.

A bad way condition on a motorway could be set if it has many bumps and lane grooves and is thus dangerous to drive fast on (if wet).

A bad way condition on a track indicates that a normal car might have problems getting through. A very bad (vbad for lazy people like me ;) ) condition on a track implies that only a Jeep is able to conquer the track.

Very bad for a footpath could imply that Hiking shoes are essential for conquering this one, while a very good condition makes the path accessible for anybody.


I agree that stating the condition of somethings in inportant, but which bit is this stating the condision of? i.e. A cliif path footway may have fallen away... or, there may be a footway that has been ignored by the landowner and had a fence built over it... or, there may be a footway that is knee deep in mud. Would the grading Vgood to Vbad be stating the safety, how clear its marked, or how easy it is to get across, or is it how confident a person is that the way is marked right (due to poor markings of the way) Or is it just a mix of all of them?

The problem with condision is that (espeically for a footpath) they nearly all change threwout the year. A hard path in the summer may be a quog mire in the winter. I therefore think stating its condision isn't posible. I do agree the surface can be stated though, but tracktype sorted this fine for tracks. For paths, sufaces/unsurfaces would usually take care of it.

If a "car might have problems getting through", then I would suspect that is seasonal, and I think an additional caution tag is needed for that. This would either have discriptive text, or there would be 2 tags stating the months at either end of the period in which this is a problem

I would agree to this proposal if its use to state how well 'maintained' a way is, wich can be always judged relative to the season or weather. Therefore on a footway the factors to consider would be are all the stiles/gates etc accsessable, are there sign posts, are the hedges cut back etc... Then additional to this tag, it would need to be stated what the guidlines for the differnet levels are. I know how I would propose grading footways/bridleways/byways etc, but I'll wait till this is discussed futher before moving on to that. Ben. 04:02 3rd February 2007 (UTC)

I'd like to see something like this to distinguish between different types of cobblestoned roads for cycling. Around here, the quality of cobblestoned roads varies significantly. I'd like to be able to at least distinguish three levels, perhaps a default of normal, as well as good and bad for above and below average roads. Robx 10:11, 26 February 2008 (UTC)