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Wikipedia list articles
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: yurik
Tagging: wikipedia_list:lang=List article
Applies to: node way area relation
Definition: Wikipedia list article describes this object

Draft started: 2017-03-03
Wikipedia page sections
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: yurik
Tagging: wikipedia_section:lang=Article#Section
Applies to: node way area relation
Definition: Wikipedia article describes this object in a section

Draft started: 2017-03-03


wikipedia=* is used for multiple meanings. Most of the time, it means that there is a Wikipedia article about that one OSM object - a 1 for 1 match. Yet sometimes, the article is not about the object, but only mentions it. For example, a library building may be in a list of New York libraries. The only church in a small town might be described in a section about that town, but not have an article of its own.

For cases when Wikipedia article is not a 1:1 match, I propose we use two new keys: wikipedia_list:lang=* and wikipedia_section:lang=*.

There are already thousands of wikipedia tags pointing to lists, some are listed here.


There needs to be a distinction between "There is a Wikipedia page about this object" vs "This object is mentioned in a Wikipedia page". The first meaning partially implies that there is exactly one page in Wikipedia matching one OSM object. The later means that multiple OSM objects could be mentioned in the same article.


  • Proposed tags are an indication that the link is not a perfect match, and if a more specific Wikipedia article is written at a later date, the tags should be updated.
  • These tags allow data consumers to offer a better information visualization about an object.
  • Wikidata ID offers a much better 1:1 information about the object, together with all the different languages and meta data. In a way, wikipedia tag is a textual representation of wikidata tag - they both have no language as part of the key, and can be used interchangably to get the same data. Wikipedia tag may eventually be made obsolete. On the other hand, wikipedia_section and wikipedia_list tags are language specific, as there might not even be a section about an object in another language. They are also much more volatile, because the article content could be changed much more rapidly than the articles' main topic, altering or removing relevant information. As such, wikipedia and wikipedia_* tags should be treated differently.



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Any objects tagged with wikipedia=*

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