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Tag building:air-supported, or man-made:air-supported
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: tohaklim
Tagging: building=air-supported
Applies to: node, area
Definition: A distinct tag value for air-supported/inflated structures.
Rendered as: Dome-shaped icon, building rendering as a fall-back, 3D rendering ?
Drafted on: 2017-06-01


A distinct building=* value for air-supported structures ([W] Air-supported_structure) is proposed.Photos: [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]


While a number of narrowly specialised tags such as Tag:seamark:landmark:category=dome, roof:shape=dome, inflated=yes (whole 9 uses!) and also Tag:landmark=dome exist, their usage is either limited to nautical maps (seamark), or not widespread, possibly due to being buried deep in the tagging scheme. They are also not always representative of air-supported structures, as their shape can be different. Using a distinct tag for such structures would ease their search, provide a landmark POI and help better define these engineering achievements.


Notable permanent air-supported structures from Wikipedia:

More wide-spread use in developed countries.


building=air-supported is proposed to tag such structures. This is a draft, so better options are certainly welcome.

Applies to

The majority of such structures are fairly large, so an area would be most appropriate, however, a node can be used where precise shape/location is unknown.


A tiled dome icon could be used for iconography. 2D map rendering - same as buildings. 3D render could use the roof:shape key

Features/Pages affected

Might affect the building=*

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