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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Warin61
Tagging: antenna:application=*
Applies to: node, way, area, relation
Definition: The application of an antenna’s signal.
Drafted on: 2018-11-29
RFC start: 2018-11-29


Add the property key antenna:application to indicate the application of an antenna.


To indicate the application of an antenna’s signal is put, e.g. radar


There is use of antenna:type=* in the data base. The values used describe various things about the antenna, it polarisation, use, configuration, etc. This leads to a mess. See Taginfo antenna:type#values

Better to have separate tags for each feature of the antenna so they are separate and constantly tagged.

A proposed collection of tags is;

  • antenna:application = mobile_phone/broadcast_radio/broadcast_television/citizens_band/amateur_radio/radar/* to state the application of an antenna’s signal is put.
  • antenna:propagation =reception/transmission/two_way to denote the direction of the signal.
  • antenna:configuration = monopole/dipole/yagi/log_periodic/horn/curtain/helical/phased_array/loop/* To state the antenna configuration.
  • antenna:polarisation = vertical/horizontal/dual/circular/* to denote the signal polarisation.
  • antenna:reflector = dish/wire_element/wire_screen/* To state the antennas reflector – if it has one.
  • antenna:cover = radome/* To state the antennas protective cover – if it has one.


The values for discussion so far are;

Value Description Comment Picture
 amateur_radio Amateur radio covers a wide range of antennas and will need some knowledge to map appropriately. Montreal-tower-top.thumb2-crop.jpg
 bos Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben. German government secure radio network. BOS-Funkantenne.jpg
 broadcast_radio An audio signal, in common use with different technologies of AM, FM and Dab. Transmitting antenna shown. Alexandra Palace mast.JPG
 broadcast_television Commonly called TV. An audio visual signal, in common use. Some common receiving antennas shown. VHF UHF LP-antenna closeup.JPGEight bay bowtie TV antenna.jpg
 citizens band radio Commonly called CB. A two way radio system, usually unlicensed.
communication This describes most the applications of an antenna. Please replace with a more descriptive specific tag.
 loran Long range navigation system, uses base stations with large antennas. LORAN tower station on Sand-Johnston Island, 1963. (10055191304).jpg
 mobile_phone There is a choice to be made between values of mobile phone, cell phone or cellular phone. Most people probably use mobile_phone to describe the use so OSM may well chose to use that. Looks popular on taginfo. Antena Array.jpg
 passive_repeater A reflector - like a mirror but for radio frequencies. For an active repeater see below 'repeater'. 150px
 radar RAdio Detection And Ranging, a relative location finding system. The abbreviation is in common use even in languages other than English so there should be no need to tag the unabbreviated version into OSM. Rotating marine radar - rotating waveguide antenna.gifRadar-hatzerim-1-1.jpg
 repeater Repeaters are used to extend transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction. Usually the repeater retransmits on another frequency to stop interference. There can be a number of these to form a chain over long distances. For a passive repeater see above 'passive_repeater'. Frazier Peak, tower and Honda Element.jpg
 global navigation satellite system - GNSS Examples of a 'global navigation satellite system' are the American GPS or the Russian GLONASS.

A fixed GNSS antenna. Maybe used for correction determination for local corrections to GNSS readings.

DGPS Reference Station.jpg
 satellite Used for satellite communications, domestically for TV and internet particularly in remote locations. Satellite dish 1 C-Band.jpgSky minidish.JPG
 transponder Responds to an incoming signal by transmitting an outgoing signal. The outgoing signal usually contains information to identify the repeater.
 vor A system used for aircraft navigational purposes. Caution VOR is an abbreviation of Very High Frequency (VHF) Omni-Directional Range, but that is a bit long! I think vor may be acceptable rather then the full length? D-VOR PEK.JPG
 wifi A digital signal used for many purposes. Metro Wireless Node.jpg
* For things that have not been thought of!



Applies to


Where another feature inherently uses an antenna then the application of the antenna is usually implied e.g. a radio telescope will have an antenna but the application is clearly as a radio telescope.

Features/Pages affected

Add to man_made=antenna page as an additional tag.

It may also be used for other tags where an antenna is implied and this tag would add data detail. An example of such a tag is tower:type=communication.