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Status: Proposed (under way)
Drafted on: 2018-03-13


A bund wall surrounds industrial large tanks
A bund wall surrounds industrial large tanks 

A bund is a secondary containment structure, for liquids which if spilt are likely to cause pollution or pose an environmental hazard.


The presence or absence of a bunding is important for fire emergencies and pollution incidents and is often a permanent feature.


A recycling centre

Has a bund wall around their plastics stockpile in case it catches alight. The fire water runoff is directed into sewerage rather than the local river system.

A petrochemical plant

Has a bund wall around their above ground fuel tanks in case it spills. The spill will go into a sewer rather than the lake adjacent


emergency=bund wall

Because the use of bund walls is to mitigate spill or firewater hazards.

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