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Status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: manfredbrandl
Tagging: highway=bus_turning_point
Applies to: way
Definition: Define a point where busses can turn by pushing back
Rendered as: probably no
Drafted on: 2016-03-24


This proposal is canceled in favor of the proposal for turning_point


I propose a new value for the key "highway" to represent a point where busses can turn by pushing back. This is for situations where there is no turning circle and no turning loop.


The bus turning point is usually not a destination in itself, but gives usefull information for bus drivers that it is possible to turn the bus there with pushing back if there is no turning circle. I think there are at least many thousand bus turning pionts on the world, but there may be more. There is a similar tag for waterways [[1]]

Examples and



Additional Tagging

Add maxlength=* if there is a known length restriction for turning vehicles.

Applies to

All Bus Turning Points where pushing back is neccesary


maybe no


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