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The proposal Carport buildings was built without a vote and the tagging is widely established based on this proposal. The Feature Page for the proposal Carport buildings is located at Tag:building=carport.

Carport as buildings
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: building=carport
Applies to: way
Definition: One carport building

Draft started: 2016-09-28
RFC start: 2016-09-29


The tag building=carport is used for one carport building. The carport might provide more than one parking space.


A [W] carport is distinctive enough from building=garage and building=roof so that an own tag should be used. The plural (like building=garages) is not defined since all wide carports I could find can be classified as one structure ([1]] [2]). The key building=* is used since a carport is a type of building=roof.


Image Tagging
Carport In Front Of Garages.jpg

or as part of building: building:part=carport

Solar carport (9078555412).jpg



Map an area area and add building=carport. It is not necessary that the carport is currently used for vehicle parking, the tag only describes the building type. Many mappers don't include roof overhang in the building outline, drawing the walls instead. On sides of a carport without walls the extend of the roof should used for the outline.

Additional Attributes:

Add amenity=parking/motorcycle_parking/bicycle_parking + building=carports to mark the parking facility. If there are multiple carports at a parking site add the tags to an area surrounding them. These tags are usually not necessary for private parking.

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