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a structure demolished
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Dantheman
Tagging: demolished=YYYY-MM-DD
Applies to: nodearearelation
Definition: Indicates that the structure where the tag belongs to, has been demolished. The value added to the tag should be a date

Draft started: 2010-02-13
RFC start: 2013-06-27

Obsolete, it is now common to use "demolished" as namespace prefix to achieve this particular functionality, eg "demolished:building=yes". See Comparison of life cycle concepts for other alternatives.

ex. demolished=2008-02-15 ("demolished=YYYY-MM-DD")

Instead of just deleting structures with an editor, marking them as demolished should add a fourth dimension to Openstreetmaps, meaning time. Having the same map contain temporal data means that a past situation could be reviewed, as well as a future "planned" situation as well.

Note: moved from the template of validated tags to this proposal. Start a vote if you want it "approved" (keeping nonexistent objects for historical purpose is very controversial within the OSM community).