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Discrimination (racism) by official policy.
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: arnotixe
Tagging: discrimination=*
Applies to: node
Definition: Some establishments are discriminating people by official policy. Could be based on race, nationality or other criteria. The purpose of this tag is to bring attention to this, and to help people (tourists) avoid such establishments. Could be helping the community at large reacting, too (think maps with ugly R's pointing out where NOT to go...)
Rendered as: Should probably have voluntary rendering, since some laws permit discrimination.
Drafted on: 08 oct 2010
RFC start: 08 oct 2010

Useful combinations


I don't see a need to indicate in what way the discrimination takes place; the existance of discrimination should be enough to discourage people from visiting the establishment.

Reasoning / Disclaimer

I'm not writing this proposal to make people start tagging establishments they don't like or when they felt discriminated. But some establishments have discrimination as an official policy, for example by charging more from certain nationalities, restricting access to certain races and so on. I know this can be a touchy subject. Save yourselves and your keyboards: all attacks on me personally go straight to /dev/null. I know I wrote the word 'blacks' above, but 'colored' just doesn't cut it in this context. Keep on the subject. Someday we can move this key to the obsoleted keys bin: when there is no more discrimination around.

Previous examples

See the NOW OBSOLETE apartheid system in South Africa.

"Petty apartheid": sign on Durban beach in English, Afrikaans and Zulu (1991)

Current examples

A modern-day example of discrimination as official policy: Prices for foreigners are from 4 to 6 times higher that for the locals in Machalilla national park, Ecuador. To the right an image explaining pricing at the Machalilla national park, from the Los Frailes ticket booth wall, taken in 2010. The group of tourists I took there refused to pay the entrance fee. Not because they couldn't afford it, but because the obvious discrimination made them feel: Not Welcome. I felt strange myself, because I'm a foreigner but with a national ID card, so what would I pay? Funny thing is, the access to the national park isn't restricted. Only access to certain beaches is. And please: not all establishments in the Machalilla national park are discriminating. Some charge the same from everyone.

Los Frailes ticket booth wall (2010)