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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: pshunter
Tagging: landuse=fishfarm
Applies to: area
Definition: sea "pastures" to grow fish

Rendered as: not rendered by default
Drafted on: 2008-11-19
RFC start: 2008-11-19


There are some areas where fish is bred and grown in open water in cage systems. These can be found in lakes as well as the sea, close to the coast. Totally artificial basins can also be used. See:

Tagging these resources is useful since boats cannot sail in the area. Swimming might not be possible either. Additionally, it has some impact on the landscape. When there are many close together, their presence can be guessed on landsat pictures, and they can clearly be seen on more precise satellite pictures.

The mapped area can describe the exact contour of the individual cages, but since it can be difficult to obtain the data, and because the exact location of the cages can change I think it would be more useful to describe the global water area were fishfarming is performed.

Example image:



A darker blue area than seas or lakes could be used.


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