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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: natural=floodplain
Applies to: area, linear
Definition: A floodplain is land adjacent to a stream or river that experiences occasional or periodic flooding
Rendered as: various
Drafted on: 2008-06-20

General Situation

The information if an area is flooded or not is quite important for several issues.

  • natural type of land (marsh, wetlands)
  • to describe natural hazards threatening humans, their belongings, cities and industries

There should be some possibility to provide information for this. The tags should describe who has delineated the flood plains, how is the probability for flooding, is the floodplain evaluated to be "red" "green" or whatever zone (this depends on national or regional regulations) and which type of hazard (torrent, mud-slide, flash flood, low-land river). Eventually this could be extended to cover avalanches.

Properties of a floodplain

  • floodplain_issue: river,lake,torrent,sea
  • floodplain_hazard: water,mudslide,avalanche
  • floodplain_probability: years (example 100 year flood)
  • floodplain_zone: red, yellow (maybe many more due to national differences in zoning)
  • floodplain_delineated_by: Name of the authority, who delineated the flood plain

Graphic representation

  • line rendered light blue with printed floodplain_hazard and floodplain_probabilty
  • if floodplain_zone exist hashed area with color of zoning

It may make sense not to render the flood-plains by standard but only to provide some option to render it using a local osmarender

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