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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: manfredbrandl
Tagging: building=guy_wire_anchor
Applies to: area
Definition: Define a building to hold a guy wire (Draft: man_made=guy_wire)
Rendered as: Like any other building or as a grey block because it is usually made of concrete
Drafted on: 2016-02-01


I propose the new value "guy_wire_anchor" for the key "building" to show anchor buildings for guy wires (Draft: man_made=guy_wire) See and


The guy_wire_anchor is usually a concrete block with good visibility. I think there are at least several thousand anchor buildings for guy wires on the world, but there may be more.

Examples and



Applies to

Wires of different material (steel most of the time)


Like any other building or as light grey block with black outline because these anchors are usually made of concrete

Features/Pages affected

See also Proposed features/guy_wire.


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