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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Kuwaity26
Tagging: amenity=husainiya
Applies to: node and grounds
Definition: A congregational place for Muslims (esp. Shia Muslims) where I sermon is given and the tragedy of Karbala is commemorated
Rendered as: An icon of the shrinne of Husayn ibn Ali
Drafted on: 18 August 2015
RFC start: 18 August 2015


A husainiya is a place of congregation of Muslims, especially and majorly Shia Muslims, that reaches the climax of its activity during the Islamic month of Muharram. However, some husainiyas are held only in Muharram and most likely Safar, while others run throughout the year. Husainiyas can be both a ground or inside a building. An educational sermon is given in the husainiya, plus an account of the events of the tragedy of Karbala.


Husainiyas are simply widespread across the Islamic world in regions with Shia population. For example, I used to live in an area (town) which size is 5KM2 in Kuwait (where I am currently mapping) where I could account more than 70 husainiyas during Muharram. Husainiyas are widespread throughout the world, they are called "Ma'tam" in Bahrain and "Imambara" in India.


  • The Greatest Prophet Husainiya (AKA the Karbala'i Husainiya) in Kuwait City (largest husainiya in Kuwait, Grounds+bulding)
  • Ma'rafi Husainiya in Kuwait City (one of the oldest husainiya in Kuwait)
  • Sayyid Muhammad Hussainiya in Salwa, Kuwait
  • Al-Imam Al-Askari Husainiya in Jabriya, Kuwait
  • All of Rumaithiya, Kuwait's Husainiyas were added to OSM as buldings.
  • Aal Abdul-hay Hussainiya in Sitra, Bahrain; est. 1719.
  • Alqassab Husainiya in Manama, Bahrain
  • The Greatest Prophet Husainiya in London, UK
  • The Greatest Prophet Husainiya in Alhasa, Saudi Arabia
  • Everywhere in the holy city of Najaf and Karbala in Iraq
  • Almost in every street in Shiite cities and villages in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (as I was told)


  • amenity=husainiya
  • male=yes|no some husainiya dont't offer place for females and thus restricted to males only
  • female=yes|no - same as above
  • muharram=yes|no - If the husainiya is only run during Muharram
  • weekly=yes|no - If the husainiya gives sermons one day a week (could be combined with Muharram tag if it is run weekly+during Muharram and with throughout_the_year tag)
  • throughout_the_year=yes|no A lot of husainiyas run to commemorate events such as deaths or birth days of Ahlulbayt.

Applies to

nodes (buildings) or areas (grounds), can also be a building plus grounds like the Karbala'i Husainiya in Kuwait


An icon of the shrine of Husayn ibn Ali, who was killed in the tragedy of Karbala, and whose death is commemorated in husainiyas (hence the name husainiya, literally related to Husayn)

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