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juggling spot
Status: Proposed (under way)
Tagging: juggling=spot
Drafted on: 2019-05-21
RFC start: 2019-05-21


Usually, jugglers meet in specific spaces in cities (usually open spaces like parcs). There is often a day of the week which is choose to meet in priority. It s like a informal sport center. I thinks it s the same thing for slack lines and acrobatics but I m not sure. Osm could help find theses spots. Which is.very usefull when you travel. If this tag is accepted, I will inform the juggling community so they can add their spots.



I have tagged the four spot I know. You can see them on Paris (quai de la tournele), Grenoble and Leipzig.


Maybe instead of juggling=spot we could use street-art=juggling

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Three clubs could be used.

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