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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: lanes=label1,label2,...
Rendered as: no representation needed

This is a proposal to have the possibility to label lanes. The labelling is used by other features:

* laneProperties
* lane-connections

The lanes of a road are labelled from the outerside to the innerside of the road. The outerside is the side where you may not pass other cars and the innerside, the side you go to when you want to pass a car in front of yuu. Examples how innerside translates to left and right, when one faces the driving-direction:

* UK: Left
* Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Italy, ...: Right

The labelling is to ensure that if a road dissapears, ..., that the map doesn't have to be changed. Labels are separated by commas. Thus, for example:


Someone proposed to label roads according to the side of the road that people drive on if they are not passing other cars, ... (I don't remember the name immediately. Please enter your name here if you want.). This would reduce the number of labels needed in the case of the motorway_link-lane-property.