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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: [[Key:lane.<lanelabel>. <laneproperty>|lane.<lanelabel>. <laneproperty>]]=[[Tag:lane.<lanelabel>. <laneproperty>=depends on laneproperty|depends on laneproperty]]
Rendered as: depends on laneproperty

Laneproperties allow to add tags/properties to specific lanes.

This functionality can be used to specify that a certain lane is only accessible for busses, taxis, ... It can also be used to provide a more accurate representation of a motorway_link (more details follow).

Most road-properties can probably be used for lanes too, like:

* key=access, key=foot, ...
* key=tunnel
* key=surface
* key=width

The above list is not restrictive! It just lists some possibilities.