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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Wololo
Tagging: leisure=events
Applies to: node area
Definition: A place designed to be used for events such as circuses, fairs and other shows
Drafted on: 2013-08-26
RFC start: 2013-08-27


It's very common in Brazil to have areas where circus and other festivals are temporally installed. For example, in the city where I live It's tagged as a recreational ground, but in fact it isn't (nor is a theme park). Since there isn't a tag that properly fits the purpose of this kind of area I am proposing this new value for leisure (formerly landuse):


A place designed to be used for events such as circuses, fairs and other shows.

What makes it different from amenity=community_centre:

Community centres ( are generally public buildings/institutions managed by a community in which are ran specific activities inside the facility that may or may not be opened for everybody (maybe only for its members), while leisure=events, as its tag says, is a land (open) used specifically for temporary, usually open-air events, such as the example told in the beggining of this proposal. Community centres, as amenities, may be found in the area designed for events.


Here are a few satellite imagery links showing where some event areas are found: Circus area in Presidente Prudente - SP, Brazil, already quoted in the beggining of the proposal. You can see some tents in the image. Recinto de Festa do Carmo, in Araraquara - SP, Brazil, where circus shows are made as well. The inner land of this roundabout in Ribeirão Preto - SP, Brazil, is used for events in general. Parque do Peão in Barretos - SP, Brazil, area used for rodeo events. Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg - Germany, area used for funfairs, circus shows, music festivals, public viewing during soccer world-cup, ... See for examples.

Applies to

nodes, areas.


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