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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: horli
Tagging: osm:new_id=type:ID
Applies to: Annotation
Definition: replacement ID for deleted OSM IDs
Rendered as: None
Drafted on: 2011-08-06
RFC start: 2011-08-06


OSM internal ID's do not describe physical objects but geometrical objects on a map.

If such a object gets deleted it should be possible to tag a supersede ID if appplicable. This could provide some sort of ID stabilization and traceability of ID's.


The key is "osm:new_id" the value "type:ID". The type can be "node", "rel", "way". The ID is the OSM ID of the replacement.



A rule of thumb is that this key should only be applied to deleted IDs.

Example Use Cases

expansion of POI nodes into buildings

node A is deleted, new building B
A.osm:new_id = way:B

splitting of ways (old ID would then point to only half)

A split to A,B
  no ID gets the tag because none is deleted

merging (old ID would become invalid in 50% of cases)

- example 1: Relations for long-distance routes created in several places until they "meet", and are merged, with one of them being deleted.

- example 2: a POI node might later be joined to be part of an area representing a shop; this shop area might later be joined to others to represent an entire building that contains several shops

A,B gets merged to way A:
   B deleted (visible=false)
   B.osm:new_id = way:A

supersede multiple objects (a merge operation)

A,B,C  gets replaced by rel C
  A.osm:new_id = rel:C
  B.osm:new_id = rel:C
  A,B deleted (invisible)

re-mapping of stuff

  • in the course of the license change
  • re-structuring of relations
  • 0.7 area data type (lots of existing areas get a new ID)
 osm:new_id tag

mapping error (mistake)

 delete ID, no new_id tag 

real object moves

Restaurant moves should it keep the same ID? If it is renamed? If it goes bankrupt, is sold, renovated, and reopened by a different owner.

 the node describes a point on the map, not a restaurant,
 therefore no new ID in this cases.