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select specific holidays instead of all
Proposal status: Rejected (inactive)
Proposed by: Ypid
Tagging: opening_hours, lit, service_times, collection_times=[[Tag:opening_hours, lit, service_times, collection_times=<holiday> ( <holiday_name> )|<holiday> ( <holiday_name> )]]
Applies to: database type - node, way, area
Definition: Extend the opening_hours=* syntax to support selecting a specific holiday.

Rendered as: Not rendered on the map. Can be evaluated by software.
Draft started: 2014-01-28
RFC start: 2014-02-24
Vote start: 2014-03-13
Vote end: 2014-03-27


Sometimes opening hours apply only for specific holidays like Christmas or for school holidays like summer holidays. For this, the following syntax is proposed.

This proposal is only about the selection of specific holidays. PH and SH seem to be widely accepted. Also, it is excepted that the holidays are defined[1].

Example & Description

  • opening_hours=SH(summer holiday) open entire summer holiday but not other school holidays.
  • opening_hours=PH(Christmas) only open on december 25.
  • opening_hours=PH(Christmas,Inauguration Day) only open on december 25 and first january 20 following a Presidential election. Multiple holiday names can be separated by comma.

Real world use cases

Supported by software

Explained here.

Alternate tagging Suggestions?

As workaround for opening_hours=SH(summer holiday) the following can be used: opening_hours=Jul-Sep SH.


There where no votes. Changed status to rejected.


Please leave comments on the discussion page or write to the tagging list to this tread.


  1. see [1]