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pet shop
Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Pouletic
Tagging: shop=pet
Applies to: shop
Definition: A shop selling pets and pet supplies.
Rendered as: E.g. a puppy dog or bird/birdcage
Drafted on: 2009-03-29
RFC start: 2009-03-29


Create a specific tag for shops that specialize in pets. Pet store on Wikipedia: [1].

The proposed tag is shop=pet. This has been documented and listed for some time at shop=pet

Also proposed are the following optional sub-tags:

  • grooming=yes: The shop offers pet grooming services
  • type=(freshwater;saltwater;reptile;amphibian;bird;mammal;other)
  • kennel=yes: The shop offers kennel (pet keeping or tending) services
  • training=yes: The shop offers obedience training services


Pets are quite popular and owners/would be owners will need to find a store, especially if traveling with their pet. In the USA there are chains of pet stores, but the local shops are usually far superior and more difficult to find. This is a great example of a situation where the open wiki nature of OSM is beneficial.


In the USA, there is often at least one pet shop in communities town-sized or bigger.


A pet shop is not really an amenity; it makes sense to group it under Shops.


Applies to

nodes or areas (when tagging the building of a shop)


A simple icon depicting a floppy-eared puppy or a silhouette of a bird in a birdcage. A fish in an aquarium would be good but that will probably be confused with Tag:tourism=aquarium.


I'm not sure if multiple keys, single values is preferred, or multiple values, single key. If the latter is the case, a better way to do the three service subtags would be service=(grooming;kennel;training)

Here's[2] what was said about the previous issue.

I think the value should be plural, ie shop=pets - that matches better with existing tag (eg shop=books). Frankie Roberto 13:48, 10 September 2009 (UTC)
- Open for suggestions :)

Let`s vote and accept this, it can be really useful . I also suport pets