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Population statistics
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: EzekielT
Tagging: population:*=*
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: Two key:suffix combos: population:rank and population:density
Drafted on: 2017-09-01


To be used in conjunction with place=*.


Special OpenStreetMap based programs for showing population ranks and population density on the map may become easier to create; and will add more detail on how important the city is on a national or world level.


For example; Toronto would be tagged "population:rank:country=1"; Winnipeg would be "population:rank:country=7". Brandon, Manitoba would be "population:rank:province=2" and may include "population:rank:country=*"; as well.


  • rank suffix:
  • population:rank:world=*
  • population:rank:continent=*
  • population:rank:country=*
  • population:rank:province=*
  • population:rank:state=*
  • population:rank:region=*
  • population:rank:municipality=*
  • population:rank:district=*

And many more to come :)!


  • population:rank:world=36


  • density suffix:
  • population:density:world=*
  • population:density:continent=*
  • population:density:country=*
  • population:density:province=*
  • population:density:state=*
  • population:density:region=*
  • population:density:municipality=*
  • population:density:district=*

And many more to come :)!


  • population:density:country=14

If you'd like to state a place's actual population density (inhabitants/km2) instead of its density rank, use population:density=*, e.g.:

  • place=city
  • population=5791567
  • population:density=561.4

Applies to

Any particular inhabited area (for example; cities or towns, provinces or countries).


Not rendered.

Features/Pages affected

See place=*.

External Discussions

None as of yet.


Please comment on the discussion page.

Former proposal

See the obsoleted proposal "population_rank=*" at "Proposed features/population ranks".