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Residential details
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: bilbo
Tagging: residential=*
Applies to: area area
Definition: Specification of residential landuse

Rendered as: perhaps as landuse=residential, but use slightly different shades for different values
Draft started: 2010-04-13
RFC start: 2010-04-14


Many people are currently tagging private gardens around houses with leisure=garden. I think it is not correct (leisure=garden should be used mainly for public gardens), so I think we need some better way to tag different types of residential areas to avoid confusion.

As these gardens are part of residential areas, I think these should be tagged as landuse=residential. And as we don't want to lose the information that there is a (non-public) garden, I am proposing this subtag to specify character of residential area.


For areas tagged by landuse=residential there would be possibility to specify character of the area.


Area, where houses are surrounded by private gardens, these gardens are usually fenced and not accessible by public.

Quite common case for suburbs with family houses.



Residential area, where area around houses is occupied mainly by grass, often with footways going through it, passable by public.

Quite common case for blocks of flats.



Area, where houses are touching themselves, forming compact blocks of houses, so there is basically no free area around the houses.

Quite common case for downtowns of most big cities and towns.



<tag k="landuse" v="residential"/>
<tag k="residential" v="garden"/>

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