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Salt depot
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Alessandrocarmeli
Tagging: depot=salt_depot
Applies to: area
Definition: Road usage salt depot

Drafted on: 2021-02-14
RFC start: 2021-02-16
Vote start: 2021-03-01
Vote end: 2021-03-21


For the usage tags use building, ref, operator, starting date...

Nodes and areas can be used


I ask for the use few along the Italian state roads, especially the mountain ones as they are often icy, large lawns are built or used for this use


how to map in a POI

Key Value
landuse industrial
industrial depot
depot salt_depot

how to map in a landuse

Key Value
industrial depot
depot salt_depot


the blue and white bags are salt's bags.