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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: russdeffner
Tagging: shop=cannabis
Applies to: Node, Area
Definition: A shop selling cannabis
Drafted on: 2014-12-22
RFC start: 2018-03-16


A proposal to create/use shop=cannabis to represent a shop that primarily sells cannabis (also known as marijuana) or cannabis products.


Legal cannabis sales exist all over the world. Recently, in U.S. states like Colorado, governments have begun to issue business licenses to retailers for the purchase of cannabis. These retailers typically sell to anyone 21 years or older for recreational uses. The shops are different than those in other parts of the world, as their primary function is the sale of cannabis; consumption is not allowed. Unlike medical cannabis facilities, there are no requirements for the purchaser to have a prescription or the store to provide health care. Since then several US States have also legalized the recreational sale of cannabis in very similar manners. Therefore this proposal is for a specific tag, rather than an auxiliary to another.

The shop=cannabis tag has been used approximately 300 times across the world.


Colorado-based retailer The Happy Camper Cannabis Company is tagged on a building polygon using the proposed method. Here is a Denver Post article that was sent to Tagging and Talk-US mailing lists describing the new business, how it works, and why it is different.


The shop=cannabis tag is unique because it is specific to retail spaces--many jurisdictions prohibit the consumption of cannabis on the premises. Therefore, the shop key is most appropriate.

Cannabis shops are singular in function; they are not a subtype of an existing shop key. A new tag is thus required to represent this particular case.

Applies to

Similar to other shop=*, the tag is placed on a node or polygon building outline representing the business.


Not within the scope of the proposal, it can be easily handled like any other shop value.

Features/Pages affected

The shop=cannabis proposal replaces the shop=marijuana proposal because the term marijuana has a perjoritive connotation.[1]

This proposal should not affect any current features or pages as there is currently a lack of tagging for any of the cannabis-related industry places (i.e., medical cannabis facilities, cafe/coffee shops where cannabis is sold and consumed, etc.).

The scope of this proposal is narrow in focus. The tag should not be used to represent medical cannabis or other businesses that are selling cannabis illegally or in addition to other products. Medical cannabis shops and places that allow consumption should be proposed separately as a separate tag or a tag combination of this proposal.


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