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Clothes and shoes extension
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: kocio
Tagging: clothes:*, shoes:*=*
Applies to: node way
Definition: Clothes and shoes subtags and removing not clear shop types
Drafted on: 30.08.2017
RFC start: 30.08.2017


Creating several clothes:*=* and shoes:*=* subtags and marking shop=boutique, shop=fashion, clothes=* and shoes=* as deprecated.


Clothes and shoes are very popular items sold and have many different properties, but currently it's hard to tag them precisely:

1. It's not clear how shop=clothes differs from shop=boutique and shop=fashion.

2. Both shop=clothes and shop=shoes lack more structured subtags extensions (clothes=* and shoes=* are too flat and mixing many useful properties).


Shop with clothes for small children, cotton only:

Shop with elegant hats, some of them are handmade:

Shop with erotic underwear:

Shop with military uniforms:

Shop with women's shoes:


and the same for shoes:*=*.

Applies to

  • node - nodes
  • way - areas


No change in standard rendering expected.

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