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In a bid to more clearly identify the various types of soccer fields as they are rendered on the map (and to avoid tagging for the renderer ...), I would like to find how to qualify the various types of soccer fields I know of.


Soccer fields vary in size and target "audience". Some fields have very small goals and are aimed at kids aged under 5 or 6. Some are intended for playing soccer with 7 players, which in my part of the world (Québec) means players under 10. After that, players use regular fields to play soccer with a regular number of 11. Yet, some fields have goals but no line to delineate the field and are used for practice.

It would be nice if it were possible to render soccer fields as a function of their intended role. An example of the type of isssue I'm trying to address can be found there : In the example, one can barely see fields A, B and C, which are all "regular" (soccer_11) fields. The reason the fields cannot be seen is that other fields are superimposed on them : fields 1,2,3 and 4 are soccer fields for youngsters under 10 (soccer_7). In the case of field C, soccer_7 field 9's label is concealed by the C label of the underlying soccer_11 field.

It would be of great help for the local soccer association if fields were rendered differently as a function of their type. I can't suggest any name for now, but one set of differentiator could be :

  • number of players : 11, 7, < 7 (under 7 means kids field that usually have goals and perimeter lines)
  • type of surface : synthetic, natural
  • lighting : yes/no (artificial lighting to allow playing at night)
  • other : practice field (could be a large field but with non regular goals and perimeter may not be delineated)

I do not know if all categories mentioned above should be rendered differently colorwise because it would probably make too colorful a map, but maybe some icons could be embedded in the polygons like a small "7" at some corner. One thing is for sure : the renderer needs to show the superimposed fields in the example mentioned above.

Also, some of the tags may also apply to other types of sport fields. "Lighting" may as well apply to a baseball or football field. I'd like to map all of my city's outdoor fields in preparation for the 2013 Canada games !

landuse=pitch sport=soccer lit=yes (?) C2r 21:53, 21 July 2010 (UTC)