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A closed down shop
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Rw
Tagging: shop=vacant
Applies to: node node area area
Definition: A shop that is vacant.
Rendered as: TBD?
Drafted on: 2009-09-10


A shop or amenity that is currently vacant, out of business or permanently closed.


When a business is closed, but the building, sign posts, parking area, et cetera are all still in place, the shop should stay on the map. It hasn't moved. It isn't gone and isn't under construction. It is just vacant and awaiting a new tenant / owner.


Change existing shop=tag for the closed business to node shop=vacant in the center of the shop. Larger shops may be mapped as an area area tagged as shop=vacant.

The name of the old shop should be removed or changed to "vacant" as well.

Additional Attributes

Tag Description
name=* The name of the shop.
addr:housenumber=* The street address of the shop.
addr:street=* The street the shop is on.
addr:city=* The city the shop is in.
addr:postcode=* The postal code that the shop is in.
source=* Where you got the data.


A boarded up window? They should only be rendered at very high zoom levels.


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