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This relation should allow the renderer to place the label or icon describing an area in a manually specified position.


Key Value Discussion
type label defines the type of the relation

Don't use this relation type to associate a label to any boundary relation, where a member node may already be given the same label role defined below.


Element Role Recurrence? Discussion
Node node label zero or more node(s) at which icon/label should be placed
Area area object one or more the area that is being labeled


If the renderer wants to place a label or icon in an area, it checks whether that area is member of a label-relation. If so, it places the icon at the label-node, else it places it in some ad hoc manner (barycenter, ...).

If object shouldn't have any icon, then use label-relation which has no label member. If there should be more than one icon, then use more label members type.

Use more than one object member if you want to have only one icon for more objects (for example if they are small objects close together)


  • The specifics are very much open for discussion.
  • Would it make sense to allow more general objects? We might want to allow labelling ways or composite areas -- can roles be members of roles?
  • This might be merged with Relations/Proposed/Site as a one-object site, but then we should rethink the naming.
  • should this go into a rendering namespace (type=rendering:label)?


  • [1] osm-talk discussion on parking area icon placement
  • [2] proposal of use of labelling relation

Renderer support

Label relation is supported by osmarender.