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Right of way
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: cg909
Tagging: type=right_of_way
Applies to: relation relation
Definition: Relation for documenting unusual right of way (e.g. turns of the "priority/main road") on junctions

Rendered as: not rendered
Draft started: 2010-09-29

The proposal should make it possible to tag right of way on junctions where the usual Priority to the right(/left) is not applicable (e.g. "Run of the main street") and where the road classifications would make you assume another right of way rule.

Explicity tagging priority to the right on junctions where the road classifications would imply another priority system cannot be achieved with this proposal and might be better solved by using a tag on the junction node which isn't part of this proposal.


Sometimes the right of way / the priority of roads on a junction cannot be derived from the road classifications but goes straight forward while the road classes would imply the main road is turning or the priority is changed by road signs like Zusatzzeichen 1002-10.svg to match the main flow of traffic.

For example on a junction of four tertiary roads (where the problem cannot be solved by changing the road classes) you would assume priority to the right(/left) but a road sign like Zusatzzeichen 1002-20.svg might make the road you are on and the road to your right the priority road. In this case it would make sense for navigation systems to notify you to go straight forward while when turning right it could say to follow the main road for the next n junctions (also applicable for route planning to shorten the written instructions).

Another use case would be a road turning into a road of lower classification while another road of the same classification goes on your left. If guessing you could assume the priority road turns left but this might be wrong in some cases and so needs to be clarified.

All of this information could indeed be tagged by tagging all road signs but that's way more difficult to parse for software than a simple relation.


Key Value Explanation
type right_of_way
main_road yes / no If given and yes there are signs and/or marks on the junction that would you make automatically follow this road if not given other instructions (so that when instructed to follow the main/priority road you would follow this road)


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
way two the two ways connected at the junction which form the priority/main road
way from one the way from where the right of way starts
way to one the other end of the right of way
Note: from/to tagging should only be used if the direction information is really needed. The usual approach would be to tag both ways without a role if applicable
via either one or more
or one
the nodes or way between the end points across which you would travel to stay on the priority/main road - may just be junction node

(mostly analog to Relation:restriction)


Original content

The last edit on this page was in 2008, so I took it for my proposal. Down here are the original contents of this page --Cg909 04:11, 29 September 2010 (BST)

for documenting right of way

  • on junctions of roads of equal classification
    • why on roads of equal classification?
  • unusual right of way (importance of streets not following classification hierarchy)
  • ...

as dictated by signs:

Suggestion to merge this with Turns

This is really what is called a Priority Manoeuvre in GDF and the OS ITN models. In these models they differentiate prohibitied / undesirable / mandatory and priority manoeuvres in one concept. I also don't recommend we use the phrase 'right of way' because it has another meaning, as in a legal 'right of way' where you can walk on a footpath. user:PeterIto 11:25 26Oct07

Turn Restrictions don't mention the way's priorities - in effect who can pass the junction first, without looking around (so to speak) and who has to give way by slowing down or stopping. Just directions. This could improve routing a lot. --Stefanb 12:19, 26 October 2007 (BST)
IMO, 'right of way' IS a legal term. At least until now I thought this was the translation of German "Vorfahrt". --Tessarakt2 12:58, 8 July 2008 (UTC)
In the UK you can say 'I have the right of way at this junction' meaning that the other person should wait until you have gone, but a footpath can also be a 'right of way' which is a legal concept and protects footpaths across private land from arbitrarily being blocked or not maintained by the land owner over who's land is runs. PeterIto 21:35, 26 July 2008 (UTC)
  • I support Peter. If we rename the 'Turn Restrictions' relationship to 'Manoeuvres' relationship, all manoeuvre like relationships can be represented. The Priority Manoeuvre in GDF tells you (a) who can pass the junction first ('right of way') and (b) that you probably have turn to the left to follow the main street (e.g., priority road in addition with run of the main street). --BerndR 26 Oct 2007