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This is a proposal for a set of tags and members making a Relation for railway station (can be used for both rail and subway).

Currently, most rail and subway stations are marked as a point with railway=station on a track. This this implementation is lacking, mainly because most stations have more than one tracks, each likely requiring it's own railway=station point. Next, typical station consists of more than just a point on a track, namely:

  • a set of tracks
  • one or more platforms
  • a set of bridges, tunnels or plain footways which interconnect platforms

access to those elements may be or not be restricted, depending on whether there are turnstilles you need to pass to access the station.

(Please correct me if I'm wrong here) Subway stations also require a connection between platform and track, as being marked by tunnel=yes, passability of empty space is not assumed.

That said, we need a relation to be able to group all station elements into a single entity.


Key Value Discussion
station railway / subway
name a name Name of the station
operator operator name The party responsible for the station, e.g. "Network Rail"
access free / restricted Whether you are required to have a e.g. ticket to access the station area


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
way area platform one or more platforms forming this station
node station one or more the node on a track likely marked with railroad=station - the place where the train actually stops on the track
node way area member zero or more any elements belonging to a station and affected by it's access


  • Add more tags from railroad=*
  • Add a way to link station to a platform (i.e. train which stops between two platforms may actually only take passengers from one of them and put them to another
  • Add example images