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This is a proposal for the use of relations for tollzone.

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A toll zone is an area, where a fee has to be paid to drive (or walk) through.


A toll street is a way, where a fee has to be paid to drive or walk through.


A node can be member of a toll relation, for instance a toll booth.

Differend methods of charging


  • Pay per year
  • Pay per season
  • Pay per month
  • Pay per week
  • Pay per day

Pay per use

  • Pay for each time you drive through


  • Certain types of vehicles might be excepted from the fee, i.e. bycicles, cars with low emissions, residents.


In many countries low emission zones have been installed to limit traffic on certain routes or in certain zones.


toll zone

  • Used on an area outline
  • Relation:
  • type = toll_zone
  • name = Umweltzone Hannover
  • area = yes

toll street

  • Used on a way
  • Relation:
  • type = toll_zone
  • name = Alter Elbtunnel
  • Relation:
  • type = toll_zone
  • name = Umweltzone Dortmund

toll point

  • Used on a node
  • Relation:
  • type = toll_zone
  • name = Bürgerbüro Hannover Linden


Conventional routing software often includes a function to ask for the method to navigate around toll zones. You can choose between:

  • Never route through toll zones
  • Ask, if the preferred route would go through a toll zone.
  • Alway navigate through toll zones

If the preferred route would go through several toll zones, the user shall be asked, which toll zones to allow or not (by type or by selecting/unselecting a from a list).

The routing software shall not mention toll zones that do not apply, i.e. if you have chosen a bycicle route, toll roads with no fee for bycicles shall not be treated as a toll zone.