SotM 2014 session: Tangram: an open-source WebGL engine for real-time 2D and 3D maps

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State Of The Map 2014 Session
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Speaker: Brett Camper

Language: English

Media: Video

WebGL has recently emerged as a promising new technology for map rendering, making the graphical power of the GPU accessible with JavaScript in the browser. Tangram is an open-source rendering library that brings ideas and techniques from 3D animation, video games, CAD, and other visual disciplines to maps. We’re taking a new approach to map styling based on GLSL (the OpenGL Shading Language), and our goal is to enable creative and unusual map designs like Stamen’s Toner and Watercolor styles to be designed and rendered in real-time, instead of as fixed, offline raster tiles. In this talk, we’ll present our current progress through hands-on examples. All presented code is open source and also available as a plugin for Leaflet JS.

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