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The University of Southampton has many sites and buildings around Southampton (and some outside of it).

The University publishes maps using OpenStreetMap data. These can be seen on both [1] and [2].

Teaching and Research Sites

Site Link
Highfield Campus
Avenue Campus
Waterfront Campus

Residential Sites

Site Link
Wessex Lane
Glen Eyre
Mayflower Halls

Applications [3] (Source [4])

This application was written to provide a general, cross platform online map for the University. Most of the functionality and data is managed by the leaflet-soton library.

leaflet-soton [5] (Source [6])

This library was written in an attempt to provide common functionality to maps about the University.

sum-carto (Source [7])

sum-carto (where sum refers to Southampton University Map) is a deprecated and unmaintained attempt to modify the openstreetmap-carto style to suit the branding of the University of Southampton.

Mapping Guidelines

The main consumer of data is the leaflet-soton library. It pulls data out of a local PostgreSQL database (imported with osm2pgsql).

Data relevant to the University is identified by using URI's (the uri tag). The sites are selected by getting polygons where the uri tag starts with "". Buildings are then selected by finding buildings which are either in a site, or have a uri starting with "".

Indoor Maps

Some buildings on Highfield Campus contain limited indoor information. This can be seen on [8].