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After OSMit 2009 the Italian Community decided to hold the national meeting in Genoa supported by DICAT - Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio of the University of Genoa.

So we'd like to have the pleasure to hold SOTM 2010 in the same place and at the same time of OSM national meeting, here in Genoa.

Genoa old.jpg

picture by edellepi on flickr under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licence.


Proposed venue

The meeting will be host in one of the DICAT buildings.

Italian OSM Community and DICAT will collaborate in order to organize an interesting and exciting event!!

  • The conference venue is well connected by bus to the city center and to one of the two main train station of the city (10 minutes by bus or 15 minutes walk)
  • Many accommodations are available close to the venue or to the city center, with which the university has an agreement for lower prices for the conveners; moreover cheapest accommodations are available at the youth hostels and sisters' institute close to the venue.
  • The venue is part of the Engineering Faculty, hence more than one conference room, able to content from 100 to 320 persons, are available so that parallel sessions are possible; moreover, internet points and break out areas are present.
  • Even if the venue is equipped by a coffee/lunch area, the organizing committee is contacting a catering for Italian coffee-breaks and lunch.

Probably the conveners should pay between 50 and 100 euro for two days, including the conference, coffee and lunch, even if we hope to lower such prize depending on the financial effort of public agencies and private structures in the event organization.


The University buildings are closed during the weekend so we can organize the meeting during the week on 8-9 or 12-13 of July.


Here you can download the realative bid

Highlights of the program

The conference will be focused on validation of data generated by the OSM Project, as well as the creation of metadata to improve quality and usability; parallel sessions are planned on specific topics. Special tracks:

  • state of Italy: list and present the most relevant example divided in category (education, business, public administration);
  • the change of the license;
  • state of data quality certification;
  • import of data: how to, we can discuss about the creation of a tutorial dedicated to the public administration and high schools;
  • establishment of the Italian Local Chapter: we can discuss, thanks to this case study, about the OSM Foundation guide-line about the national local chaptering.


  • Connections with several territorial institutions particularly interested in OpenStreetMap have been developed, including the Natural Park of Portofino. The goal of the conference is to attract a new group of OSMers to the SotM.
  • An high school has been involved in the project and its work will be probably presented at the conference.
  • The city is an interesting sample to test the acquisition of data of the OpenStreetMap Project: the urban network is characterized by a particularly difficult road layout, with widespread urban canyons, not only in the historical center, and roads at more vertical levels.

Social events

  • A mapping party during the weekend could be organized either in Genoa, in a part of the city characterized by roads at more vertical levels, or in a never mapped park close to the city.
  • More social time will be proposed; for example: an half a day tour in the city center or in the museums; a visit to aquarium of Genoa; a tour in Camogli / Santa Margherita / Portofino by ferry boat or train; Arenzano-hike on top and inside the park of Beigua.
  • If Genoa will be chosen, the conveners could remain in Genoa or Ligurian region and spend here their holidays between beautiful beaches, trekking and other more, or combine with a holiday in Corsica and Sardinia (several ferries departing from Genoa).

(for more details see the link inside the bid!)

Information about the city

Genoa is a city in the north west of Italy, on Mediterranean sea, it is the best example of entirely preserved Medieval town in Europe!

To know something more look at wikipedia: Genoa!

How to reach Genoa

Airport: The airport is close to the city center, well connected by bus. In about two hours, you can reach by train, bus or car the airports of Milan, Pisa and Nice (France).

The main international connections of Genoa airport are with London (Stansted with RyanAir, Gatwick with British Airways), Madrid (with Iberia), Monaco (with Lufthansa) and Paris (with Air France). ( Hence people from USA, Brazil and Japan are suggested to flight directly to Genoa passing through such major international airport. Otherwise, Pisa ( airport) is an international hub for low-cost traveling and is reachable from Genoa in 1,5 hours by car and in 2,5 hours by train. Milan and Nice ( airport are a little more far from Genoa.

Train: Genoa is a railway junction with lines towards Nice (France), Turin, Milan, Florence/Rome, look at Trenitalia, the Italian Railway Company.

Car: A7, A10, A12 and A26 highways converge in Genoa.

Ferry-boat: from several harbour of the Mediterranean Sea you may travel by boat to Genoa; for example: Barcelona (Spain), Bastia (Corsica, France), Tanger (Morocco), Tunis (Tunisia), Valletta (Malta) and harbours on Sicily and Sardinia.