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Buenos Aires SOTM2013 Proposal Draft.

  • National Geographic Institute (IGN - Instituto Geográfico Nacional) as conference venue.
  • Right inside Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. Subway, Buses, and Hotels, Hostals.
  • During April we will be hosting a local chapter of the FOSS4G, and a local SOTM.
  • Government deeply interested on OSM, and willing to Open its data to it. New contacts would be really productive.
  • You won't get bored when not at the SOTM ;), as Buenos Aires is well known for its cultural activities and nightlife.
  • It's a really good opportunity to broaden horizons for both OSMF and Argentina itself!
  • South America is starting to put a lot of attention into OSM and it would be nice to support that interest and initiatives hosting the first SOTM in this continent.

The Venue

  • 5 classrooms for 25+ people each
  • 1 saloon for 60
  • 1 classroom for 20
  • 1 cinema for 120

The National Geographic Institute is located at 381, Cabildo Avenue ("Avenida Cabildo 381", in local format).

[1] [2] There is also the "Prof. Miguel Ángel Fernández" Cartographic Museum [3], and a thematic library.


  • Buses: 15, 29, 41, 55, 57, 59, 60, 64, 67, 68, 95, 118, 152, 161, 194
  • Subway (Metro): OLLEROS Station ("Línea D" / Linea "D" - Green)

Point to point directions or Public Transport options at

The Team

This proposal is being submitted by Fernando Sanz, Horacio Castellaro and Gonzalo Gabriel Perez, and we count with the local OSM community efforts and Geoinquietos group. Also, we are getting ready for the FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013 along with the OSM-Ar community and we will host a local SOTM, so we would get to the SOTM2013 quite ready to handle it.

The locals members involved in this proposal are:

In the next couple of days we will be updating this page to include accommodation and transportation options.