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Public transport in Vienna

Fare zones

The transport association of the Eastern Region of Austria ("Verkehrsverbund Ost Region", VOR) defines radial fare zones around Vienna. The urban area of Vienna is covered by zone 100 ("Kernzone"). To the Airport Vienna International Airport you need one additional zone. Download a map of the fare zones from VOR.


Single tickets are valid for a direct journey from start to destination, you can change as often as you need and you must not stop-over. Single tickets are available in advance (e.g. in "Trafiken") in chunks of 5 or as a multi-use strip-ticket with 4 or 8 strips. If you are buying the ticket on board, you have to pay a surcharge. Think we will have single tickets available at the information booth of the conference.

There are multiple-day-tickets available in zone 100 ("Kernzone"):

  • 24 Stunden Wien - valid 24 hours from the time of stamping for any number of journeys in zone 100 ("Kernzone")
  • 48 Stunden Wien - valid 48 hours from the time of stamping for any number of journeys in zone 100 ("Kernzone")
OpenStreetBrowser with public transport layer
  • 72 Stunden Wien - valid 72 hours from the time of stamping for any number of journeys in zone 100 ("Kernzone")
  • 8 Tage Klimakarte - 8 strips, each strip valid for one person for one day, for any number of jorneys in zone 100 ("Kernzone"). Multiple persons can use this ticket together (for each person for each day you have to stamp one strip).


  • Single ticket - EUR 1,80 (in advance), EUR 2,20 (onboard)
  • 24 Stunden Wien - EUR 5,70
Rapid transit in Vienna
Rapid transit (S#, U#) in Vienna
  • 48 Stunden Wien - EUR 10,00
  • 72 Stunden Wien - EUR 13,60
  • 8 Tage Klimakarte - EUR 28,80

24/48/72 Stunden Wien tickets are sold at the tourist information at Vienna International Airport. After exiting the customs area, turn left to go to the tourist information counter. They will then also tell you where to get to S-Bahn S7.

Conference Tickets

There are special conference tickets (for 2, 3 or 4 days) available, you can order them online, transfer to the airport Vienna can be booked there, too.

Week Ticket

If you use underground/tram/bus for 4 or more days within a week, you probably want to get a Wochenkarte (week ticket). You can get it at ATMs of Wiener Linien or at tobacconists in Vienna.

From/to the airport

Vienna International Airport (VIE) Vienna International Airport is located in the south-east of Vienna. Getting from/to the airport you have the choices:

  • CAT, relatively expensive (EUR 9,- single ticket, EUR 16,- return ticket)
  • S-Bahn (line S7), to be recommended, every half hour
Tram lines in Vienna
Tram lines in Vienna

From Bratislava Airport (BTS) Bratislava Airport there is a bus shuttle (EUR 7,70 single ticket, EUR 14,30 return ticket) to/from Vienna.


We suggest using the S-Bahn (line S7) from the airport. You need a single ticket for two zones (EUR 3,60) to reach any destination in Vienna. If you buy a "n Stunden Wien" (24/48/72 hours Vienna) ticket, you only need one additional zone ticket (EUR 1,80). Using the ticket machine at the airport is rather complicated, we will try to make a step-by-step howto.

Typically you take S7 to "Wien Mitte/Landstraße U" Wien Mitte and can change ther to U3, U4 or any other line.

Current departures from Vienna International Airport.