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Call for Logo contest for SOTM LatAm 2017.png

Logo Design

The State of the Map LatAm Working Group is pleased to announce a call for logo designs. We need your help to build a strong recognizable logo for this edition 2017 which will take place in Lima, Perú in Novemeber - December.

We put together this Design Brief (borrowing from the SOTM) that outlines what we are looking for in a logo. Entrants could be an individual or team of people, even a design company. By submitting a logo you will be assigning your copyright to OSMLatam so that it can be used across different mediums. Entries need to appear on the wiki page State of the Map LatAm 2017/Logo Entries by first timeline 23:59 UTC-5 (before midnight) on Monday, February 28th, 2017, after that we send you some feedback to include in your proposal in order to recieve the last version by 23:59 UTC-5 (before midnight) on 7th march, 2017 . The SotM LatAm Working Group will decide by vote which logo to use.

How to enter

Create your logo in PNG file format and a scalable file format (either SVG or PDF). If you're not used to scalable formats please still enter the competition as we can try to help. Make your logo available online Add a link, or include your logo on the wiki page State of the Map Latam 2017/Logo Entries or email:


The SoTM LatAm website (, flyers, emails, sponsor communications, t-shirts and potentially other conference ‘swag’ like fabric or plastic bags, keychains, pens etc. Printed material at the conference such as timetable of talks, notebooks, banners and conference guide. Potentially small web-based button images for use on third party websites to promote the conference or fact that someone is speaking there, for placement on blogs and other web pages.


The design MUST Include themes for LatAm - Perú Be easily printable on t-shirts with as few colours as possible (no more than 3). This keeps the cost of printing down. Be delivered in PNG file format and a scalable format (SVG or PDF). Not include copyrighted material that is not yours The design MAY Be able to be colour-negated so that black is white, white is black etc. Come in different sizes (example: a main logo and a variant for use on small print media such as badges).

The design should communicate

  • The Latin America Experience
  • Fun
  • Cool
  • Openness
  • A sense of community
  • The potential of OpenStreetMap
  • A sense of learning and education
  • Intelligence
  • Trustworthiness
  • Global movement

The design should not communicate

  • Corporate / big business (as the sole element)
  • Complexity
  • Expensive
  • For geeks only
  • Closed community

Other notable logos

Logos of OpenStreetMap and related projects


A set with all the products that are made from the logo design: t-shirt, cap, bag, among others.




SotM LatAm 2017 logo.svg