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An abandoned mountain pasture Edit or translate this description.
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The location of an abandoned mountain pasture or summer mountain farm.

A shieling is a summer pasture in the mountains, including any hut or shelter used by people tending cattle on high or remote ground. Farmers and their families lived in shielings during the summer to have their livestock graze common land. Shielings were therefore associated with the transhumance system of agriculture. Shielings in generally fell out of use during the past century, although in some areas this system continues.

The buildings of a shilling may be still be standing or there may be ruins left. The pasture may still be clearly visible or may have been overgrown.

How to map

Map shielings by putting a node in a central location for the place, usually by any remaining buildings or ruins, or create a closed polygon for the farmyard or meadow around it. If the shelling is still being used, tag it place=shieling, even if the buildings are now used for recreation.

Ruins of Loch Tay shieling

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