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This is just short summary. More info in Czech version of the page.

Dataset DIBAVOD (Digitální báze vodohospodářských dat - Digital Base of Water Management Data) was created by Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka (T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute). Some of its sets are accessible and free to use for any purposes (see mail on mailinglist. Regarding this source the DIBAVOD data source is public domain.

  • First wave of import was in January 2010, when set A05 (reservoirs) was imported and 422 area-based conflict files were created. These conficts were solved manually by OSM users (see page history) till May 2010.
  • Second wave of import was in October 2010, whens sets A01 (rivers, streams), A04 (amelioration channels) and A06 (swamps) were imported. Conflict files were not created and data were imported over existing data, causing thousands of duplicities.
  • Third wave of import was in March 2011, when A04 (amelioration channels) were deleted. Layer A04 have not related data of amelioration channels.