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En esta página llevaremos el registro de las discusiones; aunque la mayoría de ellas se dan en el chat de datos en Telegram:

organized_camp vs organized_campsite

Daniel Orellana: @Humberto_Yances organized_camp vs organized_campsite: El primero parece ser el recomendado en varios documentos.

The damage tag. 2016EcuadorEarthquake?

I've just done the english translation here at WikiProject Ecuador/2016 Earthquake Tags of the spanish page ES:WikiProject Ecuador/2016 Earthquake Tags originally by User:Hyances. Thanks for creating that Humberto. I like the photo illustrations!

I've noted an inconsistency on the page. It seems to say use damage:event=ecuador_earthquake_2016 at the top of the page (I interpreted that as the general damage tag we're using), but then lower down in the building section it says damage:event=2016EcuadorEarthquake.

But looking at stats for ecuador_earthquake_2016 (zero) vs 2016EcuadorEarthquake (a few hundred) The latter seems to be the correct tag, so I guess I'll just put that at the top too.

-- Harry Wood (talk) 14:34, 4 May 2016 (UTC)

Hyances./ You guess well Harry Wood! More pictures added to shelters, tags was modified too, actual was same used for Nepal-EQ.