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rendering errors

as you maybe have noticed, in 2011-11 there are/were some rendering errors due to mistagging. it may take a while until it gets rendered correctly. User:edvac took care of it.

how to map islands

some of the details on how to map an island correctly still aren't very clear in the osm-community. we should agree on one scheme how to map things, especially:

  • lagoons
  • (coral) reefs Proposed_features/reef
  • coastline of the islands as administrative borders? no? because of:
  • there are different zones. currently User:daswaldhorn (and others) can draw a 12nm-border around islands. these borders are regulated in [1]
  • how to use multipolygons to group things together
  • how to tag an "Maneaba", amenity=community_center

Example: (by User:edvac) For atolls made up of several islands and islets (the majority of them), I suggest this method: For example, Kuria atoll is made up of 2 islands, separated by a narrow channel, the northern one called Oneeke and the southern one called Buariki. I just remade the coastline, cutting it in 2 pieces (1 for each island) and placing the name Oneeke to the northern one and Buariki to the southern one. Now we can see those names rendered OK for each island ( ). For the whole atoll I just reused the subsea coral reef for a multipolygon (made up of two ways) and placed the name=Kuria Atoll for the relation. Again, you can see in the link above that the name Kuria Atoll appears just north of Buariki island.

New Data sources

User:edvac had the great idea to ask local (future) users to take a gps and/or walkingpapers to add more data, especially POIs. there are already some personal contacts. and mabye it can be done as a school-activity. see Education

There are a lot of drawn maps of small islands around the internet. Often you can derive placenames or natural features from it. unfortunately we cannot use those maps without explicit agreement of the copyright holder. if you try to contact someone, please list the attempts here:

  • no contact attempt until now

user:Datakid will be going March 2012. Probably wont have a GPS device, but have some walking papers set up and ready to go for POI.