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I found this proposal while trying to figure out how to represent school catchment areas so clearly there is at least some need. I am uncertain how one would represent multiple boundaries from the same facility. Here in Ontario (Canada) a school may have multiple catchment area for different programs/grades. For example: JK to 8 Early French Immersion Attendance Boundary, JK to 8 English Attendance Boundary, Grade 4 to 5 Middle French Immersion Attendance. Note that the first two cover the same grade range. One might also conceivably want to indicate the operator (Public board; Catholic board) and the language (English; French). The particular school should be referenced as well (one could conceivably put the school as the operator and the board as the operator of the school, but most people search/choose by board first). Specifying the language of an area does not appear to be settled Proposed_features/Language_of_this_element.

Here is a first cut at a suggestion for the above scenario:

  • boundary=catchment_area
  • operator=A.Lorne Cassidy Elementary School
  • name=JK to 8 Early French Immersion
  • catchment_type=school_admission

This would rely on the school properly identifying the board as it's operator. It does not however capture the language or level range of instruction in a machine readable form. All this said, I support the catchment boundary proposal.


Wow, that's an interesting situation. With regards to specifying the school and operator, surely this should be specified on the node/way/relation that is the subject of the catchment area relation, otherwise the information is duplicated.