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Checkpoint type: notebook

Thank you for this! It is exactly what's needed for hiking routes in Norway. However, in Norway, at least here in the west, most checkpoints (often called "trimpost" in Norwegian) are in the type of "book". There'll be a notebook in a box or a mail box, wrapped in plastic bags with a pencil. In the notebook you write your name and perhaps a jolly note or note about the weather. The notebook then works as a guest book, and the hiking associations collect them and award prizes / make listings based on how many routes you have visited and perhaps how many times. What do you think the type should be? I only know of small notebooks, but they also act as guestbooks. I have have the following (prioritized) alternatives:

  1. notebook
  2. guestbook
  3. book
  4. paper
  5. signature

--Dittaeva 16:54, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

Role for relation's node

When a checkpoint is not permanent but is active only for an event, it's unreasonable to mark a node with this tag. I offer a role "hiking_checkpoint" for a node within in a route relation that represents the event's route.

Yes, it's unreasonable. Don't use it for this. No, checkpoints are more or less off the route. They don't fit in a relation. -- Herrbert74 09:07, 18 July 2011 (BST)

Made tag-page

I've made a "proper" page for the tag.